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Top 10 Worst Fictional Characters of All Time by ChosenMii Top 10 Worst Fictional Characters of All Time :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 4 3
[MM] Cut in: Cucco Round-Up
A little while after a normal day in Termina has started, Cut and his partner Denje were called by the Bombers Society to take part in another quest worth saving Clock Town. Nilo rushed in as soon as the two entered the hideout, and started recovering his stamina when he ran up to them. Calmed down, Nilo explains to the two that a mother Cucco has gone berserk over her missing babies and started attacking Clock Town’s citizens. The baby Cuccos are scattered and separated from each other, and can be found in the areas of Clock Town and Termina’s Fields. Cut and his partner both agree to round-up all the baby Cuccos and bring them to their angered mother in order to settle her down once and for all.
Nilo: Ahh, thank you both! You guys are some sort of heroes, alright!
Cut: Some sort? We are heroes of a certain kind, true.
Denje: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get those baby Cuccos!
As the two get out of th
:iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 2 3
[MM] Cut in: Queen's Quest
Previously, Cut has come across the maddening monster known as Majora for the first time at Clock Town. Knowing that Cut was slaying some of the monster’s forces and is currently on the quest to destroy the reincarnated being, Majora summoned an Eyegore to face off with Cut before disappearing. Not surprisingly, Cut defeated the giant cyclops and saved Clock Town from being destroyed. Cut’s victory encouraged the citizens of Clock Town to prepare for the next unexpected evil event; however, as the town’s residents were building up protections for the town, they also wanted to throw in a celebration of some sort since they haven’t done anything like a festival for months. But believe it or not, they actually planned for a festival that’s meant to start today a week or two ago. That festival being one of Clock Town’s most famous: The Festival of Love. Usually, it’s the perfect time for two lovers to get together. It’d be the moment where
:iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 0 18
Alright I will now let go of this shipping andstop by ChosenMii Alright I will now let go of this shipping andstop :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 0 0 [MM] Majora's Madness Fire Fairy Wallpaper by ChosenMii [MM] Majora's Madness Fire Fairy Wallpaper :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 0 1 [MM] Green Stached-Bro Mask by ChosenMii [MM] Green Stached-Bro Mask :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 2 2
[MM] Cut in: The Pickle Jar
Last time, Cut and Denje were called over by the Bombers Society while having a pleasant stroll in Clock Town, because they are having a big emergency going on and they need their help! The two helping heroes go into their base and find Athena, who seems to be very worried and quickly gets to Cut. She tells him that her grandfather is in a bad condition and has troubles ridding them himself. She leads Cut and Denje to a table, where the rest of the group, including Gramps, is sitting down. Gramps gathered everyone in this one table and held a meeting, explaining his dilemma. The dilemma, as Gramps said, is one of the biggest disasters that ever happened in the lands of Termina. That problem being…
Our dear Gramps can’t open a pickle jar. His fingers are too wea
:iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 1 0
[MM] MY BIRTHDAY TODAY, Cut and Chosen as each oth by ChosenMii [MM] MY BIRTHDAY TODAY, Cut and Chosen as each oth :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 0 5
[MM] Cut in: Racetrack Rescue

Last time, Cut and his fairy companion Denje were sent to Milk Road by the Bombers to stop a pack of bandits, who robbed Jozank the Lottery Shop owner and now are attacking Romani Ranch and Milk Road. Not just that, they are also seem to be hiding from those who want to take those pests down. Thanks to Athena’s advice, Cut is fully-aware of this. He also sees some visitors of the ranch who are complaining about their rupees being stolen and are quite upset about this robbery. Cut turns over to the Gorman Racetrack, only to see 2 robbers snatching some rupees from the ground while being chased by the owner himself. Cut quickly draws his blade out and gets over to the racetrack, while Denje flies and follows behind Cut’s head.

Cut charges into the robbers and pierces their bodies with his sword, knocking the two down and causing them to coug
:iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 3 3
[MM] Cut Gekuga with Palette Swaps! by ChosenMii [MM] Cut Gekuga with Palette Swaps! :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 2 0 [MM] Cut's Striking Pose!! by ChosenMii [MM] Cut's Striking Pose!! :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 1 1 [MM] Childish Little Mask by ChosenMii [MM] Childish Little Mask :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 2 4 [MM] Termina Knight Academy Flag by ChosenMii [MM] Termina Knight Academy Flag :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 1 0 [MM] Cut's not-so-easy Bloody Match by ChosenMii [MM] Cut's not-so-easy Bloody Match :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 1 1 [MM] Its-a Cut time! by ChosenMii [MM] Its-a Cut time! :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 1 1 [MM] Stronger Than a Ton by ChosenMii [MM] Stronger Than a Ton :iconchosenmii:ChosenMii 1 1


Grinds My Gears: Watching 'Girly' Shows
Greetings everyone. It has been a long time since I did one of those but, DO you know what really Grinds my Gears? I'll Tell ya. People who are intolerant of certain shows and anime. Allow me to give you an example: There was a video or videos that I saw on YouTube. I wont give out the title or the person but let's just call him 'Anonymous'.
I am all about respecting one's opinions about not wanting to watch a certain show I'm not force feeding someone to do so, BUT He claims that watching certain Girl shows makes Guys look more Feminine. Case in Point: Sailor Moon. I can Respect The fact that Doug Walker aka Nostalgia Critic hasn't grown too fond of Sailor Moon on his NC Segment a few months ago, but for someone like 'Anonymous' to say that Sailor Moon is Too Girly is a Frickin' Understatement In My Opinion. True, I love watching Sailor Moon back in the days, but does that make me sound or look Feminine or, If you excuse the term for the Gay Community, Homosexual? Hell to The No.
:iconcksquire2003:cksquire2003 1 3
DBX: Tomoko VS Zone-Tan

    Tomoko Kuroki was walking the streets, alone as always. She kept to her thoughts as she roamed randomly. "I hate this...I've tried nearly everything!...But I'm still not popular..." Tomoko thought to herself as she wondered the empty street. Suddenly Tomoko spotted a figure in purple walking down the streets, and saw her walking down the same sidewalk towards her. Tomoko immediately went into panic mode as the figure drew closer! "BWA! Who is that!? They probably think I'm really lonely and stupid for walking down these streets alone!" Tomoko thought in a panic. The figure is question here was Zone-Tan, on a mission to collect a certain anime heroine for one of her...videos.
    Zone looked at her phone to see if she had found the correct person and the picture was indeed Tomoko. Zone looked back up
:iconmaxfunnies2550:MaxFunnies2550 7 12
Surf Dude's Intro To Oblivia
Surf Dude’s Introduction to Oblivia (Based off of Katy Perry’s Chained to the Rhythm)
By CKSmith
(The tune from ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ is being played and The following words appeared in stylish 50s Letters)
Are you looking for a Great Escape?
Are you looking for a place to avoid Boredom?
Do you want to dance your Troubles Away?
Have I got the perfect place for You!!!!!
(An African-American Guy named Surf Dude appears in front of the Park entrance wearing a Hawaiian Shirt, Blue Jean Shorts, Black Converse Shoes, and Dreads that are wrapped in a Ponytail. He’s Holding a Baton/cane that also has a Mic on the tip of it.)
Surf Dude (In his Valley guy/Surfer Dude Voice): SURF DUDE ON THE MICROPHONE welcoming you to Oblivia: The Newest, Craziest, and The Most Bizarre Amusement Park in the world. I will be The Master of Ceremonies for the Grand Opening of this park to make sure your visit is Totally Adventurous.
(Each attraction is pi
:iconcksquire2003:cksquire2003 2 4
Lets Attempt An Edit by galaxyghosts Lets Attempt An Edit :icongalaxyghosts:galaxyghosts 9 13 Death Battle - Scrooge vs Mystery Combatant by Mercury-Ami Death Battle - Scrooge vs Mystery Combatant :iconmercury-ami:Mercury-Ami 2 7 ayy by Z-T00N ayy :iconz-t00n:Z-T00N 4,841 295 Sunset in a Jetta by MoHawgo Sunset in a Jetta :iconmohawgo:MoHawgo 219 51 PKMN V (V.4) - Swimsuit Girls by Blue90 PKMN V (V.4) - Swimsuit Girls :iconblue90:Blue90 184 27 MM Wyn and Ralph by LyraKat MM Wyn and Ralph :iconlyrakat:LyraKat 7 8 .:Take the Spotlight:. by luigisister .:Take the Spotlight:. :iconluigisister:luigisister 45 16 Burgerpants 1 by That-Cake Burgerpants 1 :iconthat-cake:That-Cake 987 150 Grillby 1 by That-Cake Grillby 1 :iconthat-cake:That-Cake 1,212 96 60. Werehog by BeeWinter55 60. Werehog :iconbeewinter55:BeeWinter55 29 21 Collab gift for a friend by DarkChaos7895 Collab gift for a friend :icondarkchaos7895:DarkChaos7895 5 3 .~Be MegaMine! :v ~. by ThePinkMarioPrincess .~Be MegaMine! :v ~. :iconthepinkmarioprincess:ThePinkMarioPrincess 215 30 .:ThePinkMarioPrincess:. by Aika-M .:ThePinkMarioPrincess:. :iconaika-m:Aika-M 87 21

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Top 10 Worst Fictional Characters of All Time
Characters featured in the lineup
Jeffy (SuperMarioLogan)
Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Iris and Cilan (Pokemon Black and White (Anime))
Horatio or Horat (The Nutshack)
Caillou (Caillou)
Peter Griffin from 2010-Now (Family Guy)
Demise (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)
Every single character from Greeny Phatom
Buck Cluck (Chicken Little)
Starlight Glimmer (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

Who will win the title of "Worst Fictional Character"? Who do you think would be number one of them all? Find out when the complete version of the list comes out!
(And yes, you do see 11 characters instead of 10; but that's because, believe it or not, one of the spots on the list is a split tie!)


A little while after a normal day in Termina has started, Cut and his partner Denje were called by the Bombers Society to take part in another quest worth saving Clock Town. Nilo rushed in as soon as the two entered the hideout, and started recovering his stamina when he ran up to them. Calmed down, Nilo explains to the two that a mother Cucco has gone berserk over her missing babies and started attacking Clock Town’s citizens. The baby Cuccos are scattered and separated from each other, and can be found in the areas of Clock Town and Termina’s Fields. Cut and his partner both agree to round-up all the baby Cuccos and bring them to their angered mother in order to settle her down once and for all.

Nilo: Ahh, thank you both! You guys are some sort of heroes, alright!

Cut: Some sort? We are heroes of a certain kind, true.

Denje: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get those baby Cuccos!

As the two get out of the secret base, they see the raging Mama Cucco flying at a fast pace, going left of where Cut and Denje are facing.

Denje: WOAH!! Did you see a Cucco going super-fast!?

Cut nods.

Cut: That must be the enraged Mama Cucco that Nilo was talking about! We got to be careful when searching for the little birdies here.

Denje takes out a Bremen Mask and imitates a Cucco.

Cut: Denje, what are you…?

Denje: I’m trying to be a Cucco being lured by the astonishing looks of this dear Bremen. Cuccos really love the Bremen Mask so much that they will follow it around!

Cut: DENJE! You just gave me an idea!

Cut takes the Bremen Mask from Denje and wears it.

Denje: Heeeeey. I was gonna pretend the Cuccos wanted to play chase with me.

Cut: We can pretend later. But now, we got to use THIS to round up all the lost baby Cuccos! I have to thank you later; you had the best solution to this problem that’ll be a breeze to solve!

Denje smiled then gets inside Cut’s inventory.

Denje: Aww! Thank you a bunch, Cut. Alright, let’s go round up all those Cuccos. They should be coming for you when they see you wearing the mask.

And so, with the Bremen Mask attached, Cut goes all over Clock Town while avoiding Mama Cucco to gather all the missing Cuccos. From the not-so active streets, to the Trading Post, to the Stock Pot Inn, to the Happy Mask Shop, to the Curiosity Shop, to the Lottery Shop, to the residential areas and to the alleys, Cut found 12 Baby Cuccos that now follow him, thanks to the Bremen Mask.

Cut: I rounded up all the little guys I could find in Clock Town! Shall we move on to the fields and continue our search?

Denje: As we planned. To the fields!

Cut and Denje both march over to Termina Field, with the 12 Baby Cuccos behind Cut. All of them are marching in a strong manner as they approach the exit of Clock Town. Denje flies out of the inventory, willing to ask.

Denje: How are we going to find the remaining Baby Cuccos before sunset if the field is a huge place compared to the town?

Cut begins to whistle out a melody that can be heard everywhere in the fields. The Baby Cuccos that are lost in Termina Field all hear the song and immediately started following the soundwaves that the song provided. The remaining 10 Baby Cuccos all find Cut, who they believed is a masked town musician with a love for small animals and amazing talent. The remaining babies join the march; Denje is very impressed by Cut’s whistling skills and how it gathered every last one of the Baby Cuccos without having to go around and get them. Cut continues to whistle out the same melody as he returns to Clock Town and looks for their mother.

Denje: Nice job, getting all the Baby Cuccos in here! But now we got to find their mama!

Denje hears a loud sound that sounded like an adult Cucco in the central area of the town.

Denje: That must be her! Quick, let’s go over there! To the center area, we shall translate!

The two march a little faster to Clock Town’s center area and find Mama Cucco running around in circles at a fast pace. As soon as the babies saw Mama Cucco, they all started running towards their mother and started chirping happily, soothing their mother and slowing her down. The mama was very relieved to see all of her children again, and she hugs all of them with her two wings. The Cucco group then flies away now that their problem is finally solved, leaving Clock Town in returned harmony.

Denje: Now that they are all reunited, and that Mama Cucco has finally calmed down since she got all of her lost children back…

The hiding residents of Clock Town come outside and continue their usual activities in Clock Town. Some of those residents decided to start fixing up the damages that Mama Cucco caused, but many of those residents heavily thank Cut for saving the town once again. Taking the Bremen Mask off, Cut and his partner Denje both return to the Bombers Society to receive their rewards, well-praised.

[MM] Cut in: Cucco Round-Up
"Make the bombers proud!"

Nilo rushes up to your side as you arrive at the base, “It’s a good thing you’re here!  I need help and the rest of the bombers won’t listen!”
After a few seconds of breathing deeply and calming himself, Nilo continues speaking as authoritative as possible. He has a long way until he’s ready to leader the Bombers. “I have a mission for you, Hero!  Take out that monster terrorizing Clocktown!  On the double, soldier!”

Once again, Athena arrives just in time, “Is he bothering you about that nightmare he had? Listen, it’s just a very mean Cucco who lost her babies. Go collect them and return them to the mother and I’ll give you a nice reward.”

“If you have a Bremen Mask and use it in this task, I’ll give you an extra special reward!  I heard from Gramps that it can be used to corral chicks. He seemed so happy to buy it but I don’t know what he would want with a bunch of baby cuccos…”
Word Count: 908
I wanted to knock this out as quick as possible so I can get back into playing Breath of the Wild on Switch; but anyways, Cut and Denje round up Baby Cuccos and help them reunite with their mother!

Literature (C) Me
The Legend of Zelda (C) Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo
Majora's Madness (C) The awesome people who made it!

The Bremen Mask was used in the quest, just notifying.

Previously, Cut has come across the maddening monster known as Majora for the first time at Clock Town. Knowing that Cut was slaying some of the monster’s forces and is currently on the quest to destroy the reincarnated being, Majora summoned an Eyegore to face off with Cut before disappearing. Not surprisingly, Cut defeated the giant cyclops and saved Clock Town from being destroyed. Cut’s victory encouraged the citizens of Clock Town to prepare for the next unexpected evil event; however, as the town’s residents were building up protections for the town, they also wanted to throw in a celebration of some sort since they haven’t done anything like a festival for months. But believe it or not, they actually planned for a festival that’s meant to start today a week or two ago. That festival being one of Clock Town’s most famous: The Festival of Love. Usually, it’s the perfect time for two lovers to get together. It’d be the moment where folks of the town would give off presents and gifts to the loves they admire, or at least a close friend. Possibly anyone can find love and hang around with their chosen love mates at this kind of rate. Of course, except for two certain people in Termina: Cut, a man who’s having a very difficult time looking for a woman he can trust on, and the Fairy Queen, who is recently fed up with someone. Cut was called by the queen, because she wanted him to take care of something she wished she could handle herself. For many years, Jingle, the descendant of Tingle, has been wooing the queen every time this time of the year comes in, and the queen honestly has had enough of dealing with these issues every year. This year, Jingle will be looking for the Fairy Queen and invite her to a private party at his home, with balloons and even cake all set up. The queen heard Jingle’s plot, and it made her quite uncomfortable and even annoyed. She really wishes that the green plump would just learn that the queen herself doesn’t have the right feelings for him and that there’s always someone better for him. And so, she chooses Cut for the job. His goal is to find a way to Jingle’s private party and destroy it completely. All of that done by the time the festival is done. And so, Cut leaves the area of the Fairy Queen and makes his way over to Jingle’s home.

Denje comes out of Cut’s bag and flies around Cut’s neck.

Denje: Happy lovers day or whatever they call it, Cut! You know what some say: To get the best gifts from someone is from giving the best respect to them! So we better do a great job for the Fairy Queen, so we may get a special reward from her. So, how are we going to crash into Jingle’s big fiesta?

Once Cut sees Jingle’s home from a medium distance, he hides in a bush and plots. Since he’s very good at being sneaky with Denje’s help, he sets up the plan for what the two will do. Denje listens carefully to Cut’s instructions…

Cut: So here is my plan: First, we’ll wait for that green-suited holly-jolly to leave his place; he’d be flying out of his place with a big balloon attached to his back; and while he’s flying away and enjoying his freedom, that’s when we break into his home and destroy everything in his oh-so-delightful party. I advise we prepare and get our sources out before doing this. You may never know what’s coming; I mean, sure we’re just destroying things but there could be something inside we got to watch for!

Denje: I agree! Oh, look Cut! Jingle’s flying out of the top of his place and into the soaring sky he goes!

The two watch Jingle fly out of his home. As he drifts away, Jingle sees Cut and Denje, and then turns his head to them while the balloon drives him.

Jingle: Jingle jingle Kooloo-Limpah! Jingle wants you two to be good on this special holiday! Don’t ruin a date or two, ha ha!

Cut: Oh, don’t worry Mr. Jingle! We won’t cause mayhem at such a sweet day!

Denje: Weren’t we going to destroy the party-


Jingle has already flown away, so he did not heard what Denje said. This gave Cut a sigh of relief and the two just go inside the house of Jingle’s. But, the door was shut!

Cut: Dammit!! The door’s locked! Great, how can we get inside with the doors shut tight!?

Denje pokes Cut’s shoulder from behind and shows him that there’s a window and that they can just break through the glass. Cut breaks the glass window and gets inside Jingle’s home. When he and Denje got inside, he saw what appears to be the celebration Jingle planned out. Many balloons were on the ceiling, there was a cake that’s about as tall as a wedding cake, and many pots of roses sat on the dining table, surrounding the cake and siding with plates. Denje flies to the cake and was about to take a bite of it, until Cut slashes the whole cake in half.

Denje: Waaaahh!! What are you doing!? I wanted to eat some eat before we start destroying everything!

The half of the cake falls on Denje, covering him in the cake and its vanilla-flavored icing.

Denje: Well never mind. I got enough on me, anyway! So, you ready to trash this place?

Cut gives a good nod and a smirk at his blade, and then smashes the rest of the cake.

Cut: YES. Let’s destroy this party!!

And with that said, Cut and Denje began to destroy the party, with the two smashing up the cake into tiny bits, popping all the balloons, slitting the stems of the roses, breaking pots, and finally setting the entire place on fire using a torch Cut found and used. As soon as the entire room catches in flames, burning up the ruined party, Cut and Denje quickly get out of the place; the two also get out of the area of Jingle’s home in order for them to be unsuspected.

Denje: Phew! That was a close call; thankfully the flames weren’t big enough to trap us in!

Cut: Yeah… Now that the decorations are done and so is Jingle’s place…

Denje began to wonder….

Denje: Now I’d like to know. Why did you have to burn down Jingle’s house? I know you want to give him a moral to never forget, but my-gosh did you have to go this hard on him?

Cut: Well, duh. The queen stated that she’s been creeped out by that happy fairy-man for years, and she’s really getting tired of him being flirty to her. So, it looks like the best consequence for stalking the queen and all that stuff to her for many years is to take out what’s worth his life: His rosy land of rupees!

Denje: Not sure if we should call it that, knowing that I saw a few rupees at the room of the party.

As the two were walking away while talking, the two find Jingle who’s seems to be carrying something in his hand. Could it be a gift for the Fairy Queen? Cut alerts Denje to stay quiet; the two stands behind Jingle whose eyes are glazing at his possession.

Jingle: Ooooh-la-la! Jingle’s prized possession going to the love of Jingle’s life! Paper doll Jingle made when he was younger and the same doll Jingle loved so much, that’s what Jingle will be giving to the queen! Kee-hee-heeee!!

Denje gets a confused look, then whispers to Cut’s ear.

Denje: He’s going to give the queen a paper doll? That’s pretty lame…

Cut: Well, not really. You see, whether it’s big or small, anything can be considered a special gift to give during this time of the year.

Denje: Oh, I see. Well, maybe that paper doll has something special in it. Other than it being created by Jingle himself, that is.

And Denje was right. There was a small emerald attached to the paper doll’s head, and it is a glittering rock that caught Cut’s eyes.

Cut: Oh-ho-ho… I see something special alright. Denje?

Cut whispers to Denje while Jingle is dancing with the paper doll in his hands.

Denje: Yeah? What’s on your mind now?

Cut: Well it turns out that you’re right! There is something special about that paper doll; there is an emerald attached to it! We could take the doll, rip the emerald out, and sell it for many rupees!

Denje: Really!? So you’re going to do what we would do if we ever find any gem, which is take it and run?

Cut accidentally shouts in excitement, which captures Jingle’s attention. Jingle turns around and sees Cut and Denje.

Jingle: Ooh-la? What are you two doing here, standing behind Jingle?

Cut and Denje try to think of a way to respond to Jingle.

Jingle: AH! Jingle got it! You guys want to help with Jingle’s duty, isn’t that right?

Cut: Wha-!? No! We’re just seeing what the great, uh, Jingle is-

Jingle shoulder-bumps Cut and winks at him.

Jingle: You can’t be shy! If you wanted to help Jingle out, you can just tell Jingle!

Cut: You got it all wrong! I’m not here to help you, as I work alone!

Jingle points at Denje and talks in a scary voice…

Jingle: Then who’s the fairy right by youuuuuuu??

Denje: AAAH! M-Me!? I’m not his friend; I am a…. A….

Cut: Fairy!

Denje: Yeah, what he said!

Denje quietly whispers to Cut’s ear.

Denje: It looks like you’re on your own, pal. See ya!!

Cut: No! Denje, DON’T!

Denje flies away while Jingle gives a nice pat on Cut’s back.

Jingle: Ahahahahahaa! Ok, new friend, Jingle welcomes you as part of the Jingle Greens. So first off, Jingle shall put you in a green jumpsuit. That way, everyone can see you as a strong and fabulous fairy man like your leader Jingle! Now, what is your size….

Jingle pulls out a measuring tool; he runs and checks around all of Cut. Cut tries to get Jingle away from him, but couldn’t.

Cut: Gosh, what was that for!? You don’t need to check around me; I can just take this tunic off and check the back-tag!

Jingle: You don’t need to do that! Jingle’s good at finding the right size for someone! Now let’s see…

Jingle pulls out a sheet of paper with nothing on it; he holds it for three seconds then puts it away.

Jingle: Alright! I got the perfect suit for you to wear!

Jingle makes Cut “equip n’ wear” the green jumpsuit. Honestly, the suit actually made Cut more comfortable and lighter, but he still wishes he wasn’t doing this with him. His task is to get Jingle’s passion out of the Fairy Queen, just to reminder you.

Cut:  I’m going to be honest, I do like the suit. But, can I actually just not do this? I really didn’t came here to-

Jingle, of course, wasn’t listening and was instead bouncing around in joy.

Cut: Well, fine. Ignore me.

Jingle: Koowaah! You look precious in that suit! Now you are almost an official mascot for Termina!

Cut: Oh, and what else is there for me to do your master?

Jingle: Jingle want new fairy to have a new name! It must rhyme with Tingle, who is Jingle’s ancestor and our lord of the group!

Cut: I’m sorry, but I think “Cut” would work well.

Jingle got a bit mad at Cut, wanting him to change up his name.

Jingle: No-no-NO! It’s going to rhyme with Tingle, because that’s how it goes! So! There’s first Tingle, then me Jingle, then you….

Cut lets out a bored sigh as Jingle’s trying to think of a name. Jingle has got the idea and he points his finger in the air to signal this.

Cut: Bored…

Jingle: Yeah! I got it! Since bored starts with a B, how about we call you Bingle?

Cut: BINGLE!? Are you sure about that name!? I was bored, that’s why I said the word “bored!”

Jingle laughs and Cut groans. He talks to himself for a brief moment and says that he will find a way out of this lame job of Jingle’s.

Jingle: Right! But Jingle was named after that time he heard bells saying “jingle-jingle-jingle-jingle-jingle!”

Cut: You were named after onomatopoeia? Wow, how creative that must be.

Cut said in a sarcastic tone, Jingle spins around in Cut’s response which caused his bell to jingle loudly.

Jingle: Hey hey! Jingle loves jingles, which is why Jingle totally deserved that name and why when people hear bells jingling they think of me! Ok, now next!

Jingle gets in a dramatic pose that amazes Cut.

Jingle: We shall sing the Jingle Friends theme song that I entirely composed and wrote!

Jingle pulls out an ocarina and plays his song for him and Cut. The song starts off with an instrumental ocarina solo and it is a slow but soothing melody. The good thing for Cut is that while he is playing and singing to the tune of his group’s theme song, his eyes were closed! Cut uses Jingle’s shut eyes as an advantage as he quickly removes the jumpsuit then sneaks away from Jingle, and finally runs away when he’s far enough from him. When the song was over, Jingle’s eyes opened and noticed that Cut is nowhere to be found. This made Jingle upset and nearly caused him to threw a tantrum.

Jingle: GRRR!! BINGLE!! Where are you!?!? You are not supposed to leave Jingle at all!!! Jingle can’t believe that Bingle ran away from me! The nerve with Bingle; he’s not a good fairy; Jingle must bust Bingle before he distraught all of Termina! Ancestor Tingle doesn’t want that!

Jingle’s hand is on his right pocket; he is suddenly shocked when he realizes that the paper doll of the Fairy Queen with the emerald on it is gone. And who could have done it other than Cut himself? While Jingle was singing, Cut sneaked up to Jingle and snatched the paper doll from his pocket and also took the emerald out!

Jingle: BAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! That is no nice fairy man! JINGLE’S BEEN ROBBED!! Jingle doesn’t let robbers get away! Jingle…. Jingle will….

Jingle uses his ocarina to play a song that calls a pack of Wolfos. The Wolfos’ all surround Jingle and sit down as they are listening to whatever he commands. Jingle points at the direction Cut ran off to.

Jingle: Jingle, with the help of wild doggies, will get that prize BACK!! Get that darn thief; do it for Jingle!

The Wolfos’ all charge and search for Cut, who is already far away from both Jingle and the pack. As the Wolfos pack are going after the so-called Bingle, Jingle flies back to his home to find explosive balloons to throw at Cut when he himself finds him. But unfortunate for poor Jingle, the house is still on fire; horrified by his home being torn apart. Jingle flies around the place like crazy, calling for help. Meanwhile, Cut was about to go into the Fairy Queen’s hidden grotto, until he notices the pack of angry Wolfos from behind him.

Cut: What the world!? How did a pack of Wolfos get here and also what are they so mad at!?

Cut quickly takes out his blade; before one of the Wolfos’ pounces into his face, he quickly slashes the wolf in half, killing it. He then does a spin attack at the pack, slashing all of them in half in one strong slash. He then puts up his blade and looks around, feeling a little hungry and mouthwatering.

Cut: Well well, today my love for eating up decided to ask me out. I’d sure have a date with you, hunger! I got a box of Wolfos meat for ya! So… Which one should I take? That one’s too skinny. That one’s not bad but I’m just not sure about that spot. It may be infected. Hmmm… How about-

???: CUT!!! YOU GOT TO HELP!!!

Denje comes back and flies to Cut’s shoulder while in a panic

Cut: What’s wrong, Den!? What happened to you!?

Denje: It’s both crazy and critical! Crazitcal, if I must! I flew inside the burning house of Jingle’s and was watching all the decorations rotting…

Denje takes a strong deep breath then exhales and then shouts at Cut.


Cut: DENJE, DO NOT SCREAM AT ME AGAIN!!! Anyways, why should I put some water to that dumb house? It’s just balloons.


Cut has a stern look at his face, thinking that Denje is just making up all of this. Cut takes out his Knight’s Sword and points it at the fairy, scaring Denje.


Cut: I don’t believe in a stupid story like that. Would there ever be a God who creates and gives snaps about stringed helium-toys?


Cut: I do not want to go back and fix up the place just for the sake of a bunch of balloons that are oh-so-mighty enough to blow up part of the world! I still don’t believe in your trash story, Denje, now let’s go inside and talk with the Fairy Queen!!

The two began to argue for a longtime about what they are going to do next, until they hear a huge explosion far from them. The two immediately noticed the explosion; however, it could or could not be the massive explosion Denje was talking about. The two quickly go to the direction of the big boom, and find out that it was Jingle’s house, which was, believe it or not, perfectly fine now. It seems that the explosion wasn’t anything like they expect it to be. Cut and Denje hide in a bush, and they see a happy Jingle spinning around in joy after seeing his house being fully-restored. They wonder what happened there.

Jingle: Ahahahahahahah! Jingle’s house is saved! Jingle house is saved!! Hee-ko-ledaledadee!! Jingle’s house is saved!

He trips and falls on his back, then giggles a bit before getting up.

Jingle: Jingle accidentally forgot, he had restore-balloons stored inside his house! The balloons that blow up like bombs and fixes anything surrounding it! Good for when reviving, Jingle agrees!

Cut had an awkward reaction; Denje starts flying around Cut’s neck rapidly.

Cut: R-Restoring balloons???? That exists!??

Denje: Oops. My mistake! I thought they were explosive balloons; but hey, restore-balloons were created by the Balloon God as w-


Denje finally admits it.

Denje: Alright-alright, the whole “Balloon God” thing I made up. I mean you’re right, what God uses balloons as his powers??

Cut gets very angry at Denje but soon calms down.

Cut: … Well, are you ready to destroy what we were meant to destroy again?

Denje: Yep! I got the spell ready!!

Cut: Alright, let’s go!

With that said, Denje uses a spell on Jingle that causes Jingle to fall into deep sleep for a few hours; next, Cut and Denje get inside Jingle’s house using the window from earlier; then, they start having a blast with destroying all of Jingle’s balloons and decorations for the Fairy Queen but not before Denje eats up the entire cake and enjoyed every slice of it; afterwards, the two just get out of the destroyed indoors of the house and they run back to the Fairy Queen’s house to tell her the news and soon get their reward; hours later, Jingle wakes up and goes back inside, only to be horrified that the indoors were fully-destroyed again. Thankfully, this time, he does not think it was Cut who was behind this huge mess. He thinks it was the Fairy Queen, because Cut pretended to be the queen and wrote a note to Jingle saying that she’ll never like him back and if he keeps harassing her, he will soon lose his life. This makes Jingle feel devastated and defeated, finally giving up on his chances. After a praise from the Fairy Queen, Cut sells the emerald he’s been holding on to for a good amount of rupees.

[MM] Cut in: Queen's Quest
                                                                                                                 Word Count: 3549

Welcome, hero... Please don't mind the face I'm making.  It isn't toward you.

Every year around this time, I have to hide away from Jingle for several days.  I'd appreciate some help, if you can spare it?  Tear down those ridiculous decorations and keep him away from me.  I'll give you something nice if you do.

Watch out for bells.  The sound of bells means he's close.
-Fairy Queen

Queen needs help hiding from Jingle!  Tear down any 'lovey' decorations you can find!  Not everyone wants to celebrate this silly holiday, right?
Cut and his fairy partner Denje both have a bash during the Festival of Love, destroying Jingle's planned party and even burning down his house to teach him an important lesson!

Cut and Denje (C)
Jingle (C) The Mods of Majora's Madness
Majora's Madness (C) The Awesome People Behind It!
The Legend of Zelda and Majora's Mask (C) Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo
Alright I will now let go of this shipping andstop
1 year ago, I gave away special gifts to the woman I been in love with and purposed to her to be my one and only love. That didn't ended well so I decided to just give up on it.

But then, my feels for her came back and as Valentine's Day this year was approaching, I was more determined than ever! I bought more than I could last year and I even performed in front of her before school! She loved all of my gifts and the way I was towards her!

Hours after school ended, which I gotta say school was a blast on V-Day seeing all these couples getting together, she made her decision and...

I was rejected once again. From that point, I just had no choice but to stop shipping myself with her. She is right. We're at least close friends and really we need to stand for that! There is going to be someone better to have the feels for, but I now feel wrong to doing all of this to the same person again....

Gouken: I believe this is the part where I say I told you so...

Chosen: But Gouken I don't understand...

(Cues this tune:…)

Gouken: You can't get her. You will never get her.

Chosen: Sure I can! I'll just try harder than ever next year!

Gouken: No Chosen! You can have a crush on anybody whatsoever, but there are people in the world who hardly feel romance towards anyone on Earth. You can't change asexual or aromantic humans just like you don't want your parents to change your life as a gamer completely. Do you truly want that?

Chosen: Nah... Alright I mean this time: I'll stop being charming to her. This whole thing's getting boring anyway. (stomach rumbles) Oops! Heh heh! Uh, Gouken, do you have anything to eat?


Chosen: What? My stomach has no feels towards any certain meal too you know! Hahahahaha....


Woooooaaaaah-woah-woah before you Chosen x Person I now used to like romantically's name fans go apeshit with the torches and pitchforks, please keep in mind that this is seriously a real lesson to learn!

Happy Valentines Week! From, Chosen!
[MM] Majora's Madness Fire Fairy Wallpaper

For anyone with a fairy with the element of fire, or anyone with a fiery heart that can't be put down....
Feel the burn of Din's Fire and let everyone know that you flames cry more than tears do!

This is only a wallpaper, as anyone is free to use it. But be aware that this was made for Majora's Madness, a RP group. Also, it is best that the wallpaper is used for PC and laptops only, as smartphones and tablets may not be able to have all of the picture depicted as the wallpaper.
Majora's Madness belongs to the awesome team behind it!
The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Fairies (C) Shigeru Miyamoto and the rest of Nintendo
Please support the official release
And please support the non-profit fan-based subject that is Majora's Madness. We appreciate it very much!!
Wallpaper (C) ChosenMii and the Chosen Masters Team (2002-2017)


(TV Size)

Here we are, right from the start….

Let’s keep going until we get far…

Then, we’ll look back to before…

See all the faults and remarks we have pulled off…

Ever wonder how so much was done…

It’s our excellent dynamic!

Go right, go left, go straight, go crazy that’s the

Instructions to the way of

Sparking glitter lights

The lights that lead us all to the end point

The end point that takes us to the top, yes

Many foes and obstacles in our way

With my blade I’ll cut them all clean and in half…

No way can I be defeated, let up!

This is what I call…

Excellent Dynamic!!


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